Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Confirmed Geek

I always knew I was a geek, having loved maths from an early age, and sitting down to read dictionaries for fun - but now I have had this confirmed by being asked to join Etsy's Astro&Neutrino team - a team of makers which describes itself as follows:

"Astro&Neutrino is all about the awe. That feeling of amazement when you look at the complex and beautiful structure of the universe and the things it prompts you to make.  Astro&Neutrino isn't about exclusivity or limits. It does not focus on computers, astronomy or science fiction, instead it embraces the many variants of geekiness.

We like to be in touch with other artists and crafters interested in science, science-fiction and generally geeky pursuits.  From Astrophysics to Natural History, from ferns to fossils, from dyodes to dendrites, we would love the team to be a meeting point for geeks with different interests. "

This is it!! They "got" my work! I've always seen my work as a depiction of what I see, re-worked with a touch of whimsy and a lot of humour, but as I went along I started to notice lines of similarity, similar themes running across my work, and they appear to be centred on nature, outer space, science and childhood.

Make sure you visit the team's page and the individual pages of the talented members of the group.

Happy to be a confirmed geek!

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