Tuesday, 29 December 2009

A Gorgeous New Ring

I loved doing this special commission that was the birthday present for a beautiful girl from her mum.  It is hand forged sterling silver, with a tube-set green sapphire.  Difficult to tell from this picture but the ring was v-shaped at the shoulders to show off more of the stone.  Gorgeous and sparkly.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Seasonal Update

The tree is up at home - thanks to a very eager 3 year old.  Nothing to do with her mum, hoho no.  The shop is still getting stocked up, and I'm so pleased that the orders are pouring in!   A very happy first shop Christmas.  I'm delighted to have been asked to make several custom items...

A guitar pick in fine silver with initials:

Some sapphire raindrop pendants again in fine silver: 

and several others that I must keep under wraps, I'm told.  But I did promise an update on the handprint cufflinks that I made recently, and I hear that they got the oohs and the ahhs that they deserved.

Friday, 4 December 2009

Demantoid Garnet

OK, I am now well and truly speechless.  I thought I knew what my favourite stones were, and could just get on with setting them into lovely pieces of jewellery, and along comes this baby and throws my mental list of plans into disarray:

Demantoid garnet.  A little gem rarity - diamond-like (demantoid, ta-da!) sparkles dance as you move, and it is such a joyful green that it can't help but make you smile.    The picture really does not do it justice.   I have big plans for you little green garnet.  Oh I do.