Friday, 24 December 2010

Happy Homes

I'm so glad when I know that my pieces go to a happy home where they'll be looked after and shown off.  This became the case for one of my little fine silver brushes recently.

This little brush came to be owned by the lovely Nancy from the Netherlands.  Nancy is a talented artist, and her miniature oil painting jewellery pieces are truly beautiful works of art.  These are two of my favourite works by Nancy (out of many!):

How apt then that her loving husband should give her the silver brush for her birthday present.  And how sweet of Nancy to blog about it after receiving it!  This confirmed my suspicion that the brush was going to a lovely person.

Read Nancy's blog entry here.

And do visit Nancy's Etsy shop for more beautiful pieces of wearable art.

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  1. Hello Jasmin, what a lovely post! thank you so much for the feature. I am wearing the brush right now!! ;-))