Friday, 18 September 2009

My very first post

Hello Blogosphere,

An introduction - I'm Jasmin, and I make jewellery using precious metals and gems.  I'm about to leave a job of comfortable predictability and embark on a little adventure in adornment - so things in my world are just a little bit exciting at the moment.

My latest experiment in the craft has been with enamels.  I had the opportunity to take a class with the renowned artist Joan MacKarell, her work is just amazing, and I would urge you to visit her gallery. I will show my other first attempts later.  I had not really considered glass to be a very 'friendly' working material - up until now!  I was amazed by the results and the possibilities of bringing colour into my work - and cannot wait to experiment further. I love the look of the transparent enamels, and I love how this little honeycomb fine silver pendant filled with orange enamel turned out (though this isn't the best picture in the world):

More adventures in enamelling to follow...

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